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Northern Michigan Fence
Commercial Fences
Construction Fencing
Residential Fences
Agricultural Fences
Perimeter Chain Link Fencing
Factory Enclosures
Electric Gate Operators

Demolition of Existing Outmoded or Damaged Fencing
Chain Link Gates and Security Openings
Temporary Rental Construction Safety Fencing
Cantilever, Slide and Roll Gates and Gate Operators

Back Yard Fencing
Animal Control Fencing
Security Fencing
Split Rail and Wooden PIcket Stockade Fencing

Animal Control Fencing
Cattle Feedlot Fencing

(This is a Partial List as There Are Too Many Types of Fences to Mention)
Fence Repair
We Can Repair Most Any Style of Fence

Most fence companies refuse to install fencing in the winter.

The Fence Company of Northern Michigan is a full service fence installer.  We make sure the appropriate permits are obtained and we call Miss Dig to make sure underground obstacles are avoided.

We place posts below the surface of the ground to make sure they do not frost heave and we cement them as appropriate.

We use only the best quality materials and fully guarantee our labor.  Materials are fully guaranteed by the manufacturer.

We suggest you have a survey of your property or consult with your neighbors before installation begins to avoid any confusion over property lines.

We will be happy to meet with you a help design your installation for maximum utility and good looks.  Let us help you get a
perfect fence.
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Cell Phone Tower Safety Enclosures
Dumpster Enclosures
Tennis Courts and Baseball Backstops
Dog Kennels
Security Cages
Silt and Snow Fencing
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Privacy Fencing
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Ornamental Fence Arbors
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Deer and Garden Protection Fencing
Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence and Gates
Pasture Fencing
Grape Trellis Construction
Horse Corrals and Paddocks
Hops Trellis Construction
Northern Michigan Fence
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The Fence Company of Northern Michigan has the equipment and the know how to install fence all year long.  We have invested in the heavy equipment that makes it possible and we have the experience that makes it practical!
The Fence Company of  Northern Michigan
The Fence Company
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